Quote of the Day- 3/14/13

The Dream State

“So the stage is the first work you have to do for sustaining a performance

I can say that’s true…And also, it lets you lose yourself. Onstage, you have the dark in front of you. You’re in a dream state-you can see the audience, but it’s a dream state. Everybody is sharing it for however many hours the play goes on. And with a camera-a camera can be this close to your face. And you’ve got to forget about the gaffer, the focus puller, the camera operator, everybody in that room who is within ten feet of you, and it’s not dark, and they can’t be an audience and applaud or respond; it has to be absolutely silent. In the first season of <i>Six Feet Under</i>, my eye kept wanting to jerk to the camera, because it was like, What is that thing?…And so, in a way, having done theater, you can sort of remember this dream state and go into it and forget that the camera is this close to you and you’re supposed to look at a red tape mark that’s supposed to be Lauren Ambrose, who can’t stand close enough to you to be in the correct eyeline. And you’re having a scene with somebody, but between you and the person you’re having the scene with is a big camera. And you can’t even see the person. And so if you forget that it’s a red X made out of tape and just remember that person you are supposed to be laughing at or yelling at…that’s the kind of dream state you have to be able to enter.”

Actors At Work, Rosemary Tichler and Barry Jay Kaplan an interview with Frances Conroy

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